Systems Biomedicine

The research mainly focuses on integrative analysis of functional genomics datasets for complex human diseases

  • to uncover the underlying molecular mechanism
  • to identify genomic, proteomic and metabolic biomarkers
  • to develop diagnostic and therapeutic kits
  • to develop predictive mathematical and probabilistic models

Current researchs are:

  • Systematic and integrative analysis of breast cancer and other associated diseases using transcriptome data and interactome networks (in collaboration with Penn State University College of Medicine)
  • Using systems based models to uncover the disease network of psoriasis and its association with other autoimmune-related diseases (in collaboration with Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Medicine)
  • Integrative analysis of functional genomics datasets for infertility-associated woman diseases to identify genomic, proteomic and metabolic biomarkers
  • Integration of transcriptome datasets with protein interactome network to analyze diabetes and its association with obesity and other diseases
  • Comparative analysis of genome reprogramming during stem cell differentiation
  • Statistical analysis and modeling of tumour response after Gamma Knife radiosurgery for intracranial metastasis cases (in collaboration with Marmara University Institute of Neurological Sciences)
  • Investigation of the mechanism of action of endocrine disrupting chemicals through microarrays and systems biology approaches (in collaboration with Dep. of Bioengineering Microbial Ecology Research Group)


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